Abriendo Puertas

Abriendo Puertas is a local connection group that attends schools in the Poughkeepsie

area, its main purpose is to support kids of latino heritage who are in high school get an

understanding of what their next steps would be after high school. These kids ranged from eighth

grade to tenth grade and each and everyone of them wanted to know about the college process

and how do they go about the process seeing that some might have to attend Dutchess. The group

saw the campus and came to meet with the Educational Opportunity Program and gain some

information about the program and Eop mentors got to connect with them learning what they’re

thinking, feeling, and planning to do in the future.

Abriendo Puertas met with EOP mentors as well as the director on a Saturday and we

basically told them the kind of motivation they needed to make it into college, many of them

didn’t know they even had to have a plan that they make for themselves before getting to

Dutchess, but when they left many of them had a beginning thought process of what they like to

do, what they might like to do and many other things. This group came in and learned that in

order to get ready for college they are going to have to keep motivated, have a plan, and have a

purpose. This made many of them look in a confused daze until they thought further about what

it might mean to have a plan, purpose, and motivation to continue their education further than

just a highschool diploma.

The Abriendo Puertas kids were so motivated to go and get the process started, go to

school and get the grades they need, but then someone told us that they were really nervous

about the process because they were visiting from Colombia and that she feared she wouldn’t be

able to attend school here because of Donald Trump and his laws against immigrants. Most of

them felt their education was at stake because Donald Trump is president and he might stop them

from getting an education here. Another kid told us he didn’t want to be sent back to Mexico

because their education system wasn’t like ours, that he didn’t want to have to go back and

depend on sports to get him into a good university in Mexico.

Many of the kids found that Dutchess was for them because they fit the financial

requirements to attend college that their families could afford, as well as the majors and careers

that we could help them pursue through here. This school was a stepping stone for them although

they feel they have to face a bigger one like Donald Trump. I enjoyed working with these kids

for a day, they made it the best experience and made me enjoy giving tours of the residence hall

and just getting to know what their group is about and how we can make a difference in their