Chipotle- Claire Coleman 2

Dear readers,

Last weekend I got to experience eating at one of my top favorite places to eat with my family, which is, Chipotle Mexican grill, the food was amazing. If your every out and looking for a place to eat I would recommend this place the atmosphere was friendly.

As soon as you walk in you can smell the chicken and all the different spices that they used. When you walk up to where you order they have so many different selections it can take you awhile to figure out when you want. You can order a burrito or get a bowl and have them put in whatever rice you want and they make it to your specifications.

Chipotle I felt was a very family friendly place. When you leave this place you feel so full. Chipotle is a place to go and have a fun relaxing meal with your family and feel relaxed. When I walked into the restaurant I thought it was going to be fancy, But it turned out to be a lot different then I expected it to be. The food was really good and when you ordered your food what I thought was the best feature was the chips they had lime zest on them, which made it very tasty. This restaurant opened on July 13 1993, the idea that the owner came up with was to serve food fast and there wasn’t a long wait. The owner got the name from a smoked jalopeano chilli pepper. This food establishment has been around awhile now and is a fast growing eating establishment. There are so many of them and all over the world United states, Germany france and so many others.
Well readers that’s my advice for today until next time study on readers and good luck on your finals this week.