Drumlin Cafeteria opens up Selection for Students-Elana Sison

    As the semester has commenced, students that commute and dorm have returned to
campus. With the new school year, there has been reconstruction of the Drumlin Cafeteria at
Dutchess North that offer students more options for meals. Choices include Italian, Asian as well
as Vegetarian and a few Vegan options. For students with allergies, a separate station has been
set up to provide those with alternative meals. Beverage selections have soy milk, almond milk,
fruit-infused water and even smoothies. Compared to previous semesters, the cafeteria has
provided many ways in variety of food and cleanliness.

Every day, staff has executed food inspection thoroughly by monitoring the temperature,
sanitation and presentation of what is being put out. If students are there right before the lunch
wave, they are seen with various clip-boards and camera phones that record what the food looks
like during serving time.
Within the first couple of weeks, students weigh in mixed emotions about the new food
program; there are those that truly believe in the improvements that Dutchess has made, and
those that still believe more could be done. One student, Shannon Fitzgerald, genuinely enjoys
the changes made to the cafeteria.

    “It’s definitely an improvement.” She said. “It’s a better atmosphere; last year’s food
wasn’t unhealthy, but everything tastes a lot fresher.”

    Other students believe that the price of food is rather high, especially for students who
live in dorms and don’t commute. Those with no access to a car are more likely to head to
Drumlin Cafeteria and are subject to eat there. When asking around about how they feel about

the quality of food that is served, an anonymous student said “It’s alright, it’s just really
expensive.” When asked if they believed the price matches the quality of the food, “No,
absolutely not.”

    The Drumlin Cafeteria offers a suggestion and comment card board right outside of the
sandwich and smoothie station. There, students, teachers and other DCC staff are strongly
encouraged to express their opinions about the new food provider. There are slips of paper that
ask “How was your Dining Experience today?” and provides space for further feedback. Within
the next few months, Drumlin staff will be looking to create more ways to provide an efficient
eatery. The importance of student opinions can greatly impact how food is served here on
campus and as a student body, we hope to see continuous results.