By Christian Swanson


After a turbulent timeline of construction, hiring, closing, and potential abandonment, a new franchisee has stepped forward with plans to purchase and open the Poughkeepsie Golden Corral.

First constructed in late 2016, the building closed its doors after only a week in business, citing the need to “get the kinks out of the operation” before announcing an indefinite closure in March of 2017.

Since then, the restaurant has sat, completely constructed and ready for operation, along Route 9 between Poughkeepsie and Wappingers Falls, but with no plans for opening.

Enter Anthony Segreti, recent purchaser of the property and current franchisee of the Golden Corral Buffet & Grill. Segreti has stated that the hiring process for the restaurant has began, and that training for incoming staff will begin in the coming weeks. Local residents, eager to finally get the opportunity to partake in the beloved chain, have already took to social media to celebrate the news and plan their first trip to the popular chain.

“OMG, I can not WAIT,” Poughkeepsie local Ian Van Gorden posted to Facebook, “This is WEAR [sic] I will be spending my birthday, HANDS DOWN.”

Segreti, stating his commitment to the values of Golden Corral, spoke of his excitement at being welcomed to the area, stating, “Everyone has been extremely warm and receptive, and I feel so proud to be a part of the Poughkeepsie restaurant scene.” Segreti expects to open for business in late October to early November.

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