Happiness-Andrew Lopez

After watching Simon Sinek discuss millennials in the work place, I had a very different opinion about work than I once had before. Simon discusses how millennials have different definitions of happiness in this new era. Simon argues that millennials now a day are choosing an unrealistic goal as their passion instead of choosing a career path that ensures finical stability.

Simons has this belief that millennials should steer more towards a career that will ensure them money, as opposed to investing time and effort into a passion that a person may or may not have the proper skills for the passions that the person has chosen. Simon believes that millennials need to be more realistic when it comes to setting goals that they want to reach, he believes that although in some very rare cases people do succeed with following in the footsteps towards their passion, this path isn’t cut out for everyone and a child’s feelings may be hurt in the end.

Simon uses examples such as American idol contestants. He shows how many people on American idol were all told they have this raw talent to sing but when it all comes down to it only a number of those contestants possess the talent, therefore leaving the remaining contests distraught with no passion to follow now, because their whole life has been about singing they never knew what other skills they may have. I agree with Simon that we should be realistic when we try and set our goals, however I do say that once a person hasn’t succeeded with the passion

that they are initially following, that the person who didn’t not succeed at first not give up so easily, practice more and maybe in the long run all the training will pay off and the person may have acquired the needed skills to fulfill their desires. On the other hand, there are some skills that just cannot be taught, they are skills that a person is born with therefore these skills cannot be acquired through training.

There are many discrepancies where some people feel stronger on one side of the subject than the other, none the less they both still have great benefits for us that we can immensely use in our everyday life. Everyone may not all aspire to be the same thing when we grow up, however in the end we all have this ultimate dream to be happy and weather we find it in our passion or through our career we all still steer in the same direction.