Love Powers on With TV Production’s First Spring Episode

The Television Production Club has finished the first Episode of “What the Falcon” for the Spring 2017 semester. It was hosted by Cesar Monroy, a passionate communications student at Dutchess Community College, who is involved in several production classes offered here on campus. Outside of the TV Production Club you might find him locked away in an edit booth or writing his next great script.

The TV Production Club’s focus for this episode was all about the day of love. Valentine’s day was the hot topic on everyone’s February agenda. The club enjoyed asking fellow students around campus about their personal Valentine’s stories. There was some great feedback from various students about what their day of love consisted of. Not all students had the most romantic answers; nevertheless, it resulted in an entertaining video now available on our YouTube channel.

Next, the Television Production Club interviewed the always entertaining and exciting Dominic Rizzi who is the president of the Falcon Free Press. Cesar asked Dominic about his duties as a club president and what his future plans are. Dominic spoke about how students on campus could better interact with the school paper. The two seemed to enjoy their friendly conversation. After all the serious chat was out of the way, it was time for a fun little game.The game involved Cesar and Dominic holding a cube that had specific names of famous actors or public figures. Both gentlemen would take turns flipping the cube into the air and seeing where it landed. When the cube would land on a name one of them would have to do an impression of the person and improvise a line or statement that had to do with Valentine’s Day.

Cesar Monroy also wrote and directed the club’s first comedy skit called “Table Talk.” When two people go out to diner on a first date they both soon realize that the other might not be what they’re looking for. This attempt at a humorous skit ended up being the most challenging production that the club has done to date, involving several shoots and extra time to edit the piece together. Scheduling would prove to be an interesting challenge that would ultimately delay our first episode. However, our second episode is just around the corner.

In the next show, COM major Alicia Rosado interviewed Juan Garcia-Nunez, a professor in the visual arts program. He discussed teaching at DCC as well as his personal work as an artist. The episode will also include the Spring semester’s first musical performance.

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Sean Conran is a Communications major at Dutchess Community College and the President of the TV Production Club.