My Campus: Fashion Show

There have been many campus events for different majors, workshops, or just academic student related events on campus. I haven’t attended many events on campus but the one I attended and stood out to me the most was the fashion show. Just by itself the many individuals that attended was a big success almost every chair was taken by somebody; some people even had to stand up. It was nice to see everybody come out and show love.

The fashion show even had its own geotag on snapchat for the night which I thought was a nice addition to the event. It was creative and made me feel like I was in the city at a serious event. Geo tags are made for you to have fun and so you can take many videos throughout the show. They even had two hosts a boy and girl for the fashion show to talk and make jokes; keep us entertained while we waited to see the next selections.

The fashion show started with the lights dimmed and a song mostly everybody knows called “Bad and Boujee” It went perfectly and fit the look that the models had walked out with.  Each time somebody modeled a new outfit had a certain song to go with it. Seeing the different fashion senses, like the jean jackets with writing on it and the bombers showed how it has its own edge to it but the designers still kept it similar to what most of us college students wear nowadays.

The clothes and accessories that stood out to me were the bleached t-shirts dresses and shirts along with the different chokers. Since I wear chokers I saw some that I would invest in. It’s nice to see different creations from people you go to school with and how talented they are; for instance the chokers that were modeled were handmade.

The fashion show was also for mixed genders it wasn’t just female models modeling female clothes it was also male models modeling clothes for males it was open to both genders. Each model had the opportunity of coming out at least 3 times for each group that made clothes; It wasn’t just a one man show. Each designer had time to explain their pieces and why they choose that  particular fashion sense to the audience.

Since I’m into fashion there were a lot of different outfit pieces that I could see myself wearing besides the chokers. While there were some I couldn’t see myself wearing such as the colorful outfits with the feathers; but that’s based off of my opinion everybody’s perspective is different. One of the models that stood out to me happens to be one of my classmates. She made a statement as far as the clothes and chokers go because she actually  showed off what the designer was looking for. She also had a lot of confidence when she was modeling which is good. You can’t show your audience that you’re nervous even if you are. This particular event brought everybody together. Everybody stayed till it was over and was either laughing, dancing, singing or enjoying themselves. I would definitely go to another one if they had another to see what changes would be made and if it would be better a second time.