By Brandon Scott


On September 6, 2018, there was supposed to be a 35 minute Nintendo Direct game-news showcase but, it was delayed because of an earthquake in Hokkaido, Japan.

Nintendo Direct is a streaming showcase produced by Nintendo executives to present the latest in gaming for the companies consoles.

The 6.7 magnitude earthquake struck, and was followed by Typhoon Jebi–a storm equivalent to category 1 hurricane. The typhoon carried winds of up to 87 miles per hour and gusts as high as 102 miles per hour.

While this may have come as a disappointment to fans eagerly awaiting the new, Nintendo only delayed the Direct showcase until September 13, 2018.

During the stream, Nintendo announced the third title in the critically acclaimed ghost hunting franchise, Luigi’s Mansion.

A new Super Mario Bros. U game, as a part of the Switch console, was announced. The Mario franchise has produced more than 200 titles and it still remains a significant franchise for Nintendo.

There were a number of third-party supported games for the Switch console that were also showcased during the stream.

Square Enix will be  releasing several Final Fantasy titles such as Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XX2 Remix.

Capcom also released a “beat em’ up bundle” of games on September 18.

Katamari Damarcy Rerolled will be appearing on Switch as an enhanced HD release.  

Alongside all these new releases, the most surprising announcement for many fans was that Isabelle, of Animal Crossing, will be a playable character in the new Super Smash Brothers Ultimate game. Alongside her new role,there will also be a new Animal Crossing game released.

There were many new announcements from Nintendo in the Direct stream that seemed to please many critics worldwide. Nintendo will likely be delivering more news in the months ahead.

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