Professor Welling & OAC -Jaime Cunningham

Falcon Free Press introduces a two for one special. An introduction to Timothy Welling and the Outdoor Adventure Club.

Tim Welling is a professor of physical science at Dutchess Community College. He has taught at DCC for 18 years. For the past two years, Welling has also served as the Head of the Physical Science Department. Welling began his career as a geology consultant, working for environmental geology companies. These Atlanta-based positions allowed him to travel throughout the south. After being displaced by a tornado, Welling took up roots in New York. He began working as an adjunct professor of physical science—almost immediately, he was offered a tenure-track position at Dutchess Community College. He notes that the academic climate of DCC is “more traditional” than that which he experienced in Georgia; while in Georgia, he often taught night students, at Dutchess, he encounters full and part-time students of varied walks of life.

Among the courses taught by Professor Welling are: Physical Science & the Environment (PHS103), Earth Science (PHS102), Environmental Geology (GLG126), Solar System Astronomy (AST131), and Introduction to Geology (GLG905).

In addition to teaching and serving as the Physical Science Department Head, Tim Welling acts as the faculty advisor of Outdoor Adventure Club. In the way he speaks about OAC alone, his passion towards and dedication to the club is palpable. In the Outdoor Adventure Club, members engage in activities such as white water rafting, rock climbing, ice climbing, and “caving”—in which one crawls through near complete darkness in a cave. Welling recounts a trip in which the Outdoor Adventure Club went white water rafting in the Hudson Gorge. They traveled 17 miles over the course of 6 hours—an experience which, for many members, was their introduction to white white rafting. Despite these seemingly daunting activities, Welling assures that this club is aimed towards beginners, even those entirely new to outdoor activities. For those with moderate skill levels, OAC is an opportunity to gain additional experience. Those who have any interest in the outdoors are greatly encouraged to sit in a meeting, which take place on Thursdays at 12:30pm in Falcon 102.

Additionally, those who are interested in physical science are urged to enroll in his Environmental Geology and Introduction to Geology courses.

As for words of wisdom, Welling implores the students of DCC to “Have a dream and then go live it.”

Jaime Cunningham