Red Wheelbarrow poets at DCC-Michele Pisanelli

On February 1, 2018 in Washington Hall, there was a Poetry Reading, that hosted

Red Wheelbarrow Poets from New Jersey.  Professor Melanie Klein of the English

Department invited them to read for our campus students and faculty.

The poetry reading with the Red Wheelbarrow Poets was an extremely new experience.

Their genuine passion with which they read their poems felt as if I was getting insight to their lives. The pride they took in their work brought every line they read to life.

The inflection in their voices took me on a journey; as they animated their words with gestures, each line created an imagery of its own. I saw the moon shining bright in a room, the toilet broken.  Many cars being washed. I felt the sadness of a father whose child never gets to see the gift he buys, the basketball player who lost her life so young; with every word they spoke came a reaction, an emotion, and with that a reflection.

It moved me how they brought my mind to think; how could I make my thoughts come out in such a way that others could feel. I loved the answer given that one needs to bring what lies on the bone to the surface, writing about experiences of the heart.  The other answer that intrigued me was writing about something you overheard and adding your own twist.


The variety of poem styles, such as the sentimental, humorous laugh out loud, the mystical, and the historical showed me how limited my thinking had been when writing.

This experience changed my whole perspective on how to write and read poetry while  understand the meaning or how I want to interpret the meaning. Going forward, I plan to explore more of the styles of how they wrote with humor, candor and personal awareness.

There are so many styles of poetry to put your thoughts into words to change someone’s thoughts.  Bringing more of my thoughts and emotions to the poem’s I plan to write.

The Poetry Reading was well attended by both students and faculty, with a line of

poetry written on an old typewriter by each person who attended; it will be interesting to see

what Professor Klein does with that at end of semester.