Seeking Adventure

If you like to go on thrill seeking and scenic adventures, the Outdoor Adventure Club is right for you.

Head of the Physical Science Department and professor Tim Welling, who created this club seventeen years ago said, “the club originally started out as a simple hiking club but it’s developed into a lot more than that over the years.”

Now, they go rock climbing, ice climbing, skiing and snowboarding, paintballing, kayaking, white water rafting, and even master high ropes courses as well.

The club travels to  to various mountains and adventure sites mostly in New York and southern New England.

Even a two-day trip to Mt. Katahdin in Maine for hiking and camping could possibly happen.

Tim Welling said, “we would love to be able to travel all the way to Maine because it would be a really exciting experience for everyone but these types of trips can be difficult to organize sometimes.”

There aren’t necessarily any limitations on where the club can go, but because it is a college club, the club is only in session while school is in session as well.

The Club are very open to beginners who are interested in trying something new and going to places they never have before.

Individuals who are already seasoned in the trade are also completely welcome.

Rebecca said, “I have had the best time here. I get to do things I never imagined I would get to do. I’ve always been more of an indoor person, but this club changed that.”

Currently, the club consists of about 20-25 people, but it is shocking that there aren’t more members.

At a community college, it can sometimes be difficult for clubs to gain attention and interest due to the short time students spend here.

This club can definitely make your time here even better.

Another member said “You get to meet a lot of awesome people you wouldn’t normally get to know. It’s really fun.”

It’s obvious at the meetings how ecstatic the members are to be in this club. The room is full of high energy and happiness.

They even participate in community service like cleaning up parks, hiking trails and roads. Along with bake sales and other organizations to raise money for causes.

There is no specific class you have to take in order to join the club.You just simply have to go to the meetings on Thursdays at 12:30 p.m. in Falcon 102. Afterwards, everyone plays a fun laidback game of volleyball.

All the members agree that Outdoor Adventure Club is a great end or quick break from their Thursday classes with “the coolest club on campus.”

The Outdoor Adventure Club’s last trip of the semester was White Water Rafting on Deerfield River in Massachusetts at the Crab Apple Whitewater Adventure.