The ​Future​ ​Burger​ – Connor McCormack

As I walked into the Brooklyn Expo Center I was amazed. A shining cornucopia
of advanced technology and inventions lay out before me. The smiling faces that
adorned those proud individuals behind the booths portrayed a feeling of happiness. As
I settled in and the adrenaline wore off I noticed that something was slightly off. Like a
hairline fracture had disturbed the celebration and, although it was not getting any
bigger, it still lingered in the back of all our minds. After realizing what it was, I did
despair, for the most impressive inventions that were there all had one tragic thing in
common. They all were invented out of the necessity to prepare for the catastrophic
effects of global crises. Let’s take the meatless burger for example, the most hyped up
attraction of the fair. To be honest the thing was not that different from a real burger,
and the only problem that was bothering me was the texture. It was surreal to say the
least, tasting something so similar but knowing it couldn’t be that because you felt
something different. Then it hit me; eating this burger was like eating the future. A
feeling of familiarity but with an obvious difference that cannot be ignored. As we adapt
to our rapidly changing world our lives will change with it for better or worse. Forty years
from now we will probably be eating meatless burgers prepared with vegetables from
the mega city’s local vertical farms. Against all odds though, I left with a feeling of
optimism. I saw that all these people are not giving up even with so many odds stacked
against them. Humanity will​ survive the coming storm, but will not be the same after.
That is what I learned from the World’s Fair Nano. That is what I learned from eating a
burger made for the future.