The Mildred I. Washington Art Gallery

At Dutchess Community College  in the Washington Center on the north side of campus, the Mildred I. Washington Art Gallery is a place where students can be appreciated, credited and critiqued on the hard work they are elected and privileged to display. Once a semester, this Art Gallery  allows students to creatively project their inner thoughts and expressions on particular topics. Washington’s Gallery opens up many new opportunities for students; it is an important asset to the college and the students attending.

The Washington Art Gallery is beneficial to the students because it is able to aid them in their progression as developing artists. Allowing the exhibited work to be critiqued by other students and professionals enables the artists to develop their character. How artists absorb feedback on their work that many are passionate about is important. Critics help you grow stronger as an artist, because hearing other professional opinions can affect you negatively or positively. Positive critics allow you to advance your next piece or to continue to develop the piece that you have already displayed. Positive feedback boosts confidence and encourages students to continue to expand their knowledge, and reach new goals.  Negative critics allow you to compose your personality as an artist. Respect their undesirable opinions but do not be discouraged, move forward and continue to progress in the direction you were aiming for.

Art is an important part of this world; it has been used to express messages from ancient time till now and will continue to do so. Having a gallery like Mildred I. Washington Art Gallery is important for the campus because it allows the outside public, professionals and students to observe the importance of art in the world. Art is one of the ways we mature as a culture, it opens up ideas, allows them to be expressed and grow. Exposure is important for art work; if it is not displayed for the public it would never be able to make the impact on the world the way it does. That’s why Dutchess providing the Art Gallery is vital for the school and for the students to grow in the society we live in.

Dutchess Community College provides students with the opportunity to further their education in the Arts, whether it’s just a few elective classes to dip your toes in or completing an Associate’s Degree in Visual Art. The school has an extraordinary faculty for art history, photography, ceramics, drawing, painting, and digital design. Whatever demographic you are looking to gain skills and knowledge in, Dutchess has experienced professionals to help you develop as an art student. With hard work, strong motivation and good guidance students can develop skills to advance their education in art. They can then take pride in the work they have produced by displaying it, in the elegantly designed Mildred I. Washington Art Gallery.